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About Tasha Halpert: For more than four decades, Tasha Halpert, mother and grandmother, has been helping people to a more peaceful, joyous life. A frequent contributor to numerous publications, she has a column, Good Earthkeeping, in the weekly Grafton News. She has written and lectured widely on ways to inner peace, self-healing, nutrition, herbal wisdom, meditation, and spirituality. She (remove currently) lives with her husband in North Grafton, Massachusetts, with whom she has written and published a number of books on these subjects




About Stephen Halpert: Stephen  likes to explore and unearth historical relics and literary treasures. He discovered the archive of a literary magazine from the 1930s which he synthesized into A Return to Pagany, Beacon Press. He later uncovered glass negatives taken by an unknown Boston newspaper photographer, G. Frank Radway. From them was created a popular pictorial social history, Brahmins and Bullyboys, Houghton Mifflin. He also co-edited Witness of the Berrigans, Doubleday. With his wife, Tasha, during the 1980s, he created Healing Arts Press. Together they published a number of esoteric and spiritual books, several cookbooks and two manuals of self healing. Since 1989 his weekly column, American Scene has appeared in The Grafton News and, more recently, on funnywrite.com


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