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Up To My Neck in Lemons
by Tasha Halpert - Amazon 
ISBN: 978-1728613284 Paperback, 133-Pages November 11th 2018, Kindle available ASIN: B008VGWG8E August 8th 2012



ISBN: 978-1728613284
Size: 6" x 9" • 133 pages. Paperback
Price: $12.95


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'Up to My Neck in Lemons' is a collection of practical and metaphorical uses for life’s lemons. This collection of essays and poems provides insights gained from daily life experiences, both happy and sad. The stories illustrate how to appreciate what might at first have seemed unfortunate. The recipes are author favorites, and are both sweet and sour, cleansing and therapeutic. This book will bring comfort and insight on turning life’s lemons into lemonade.


“Buddha taught, ‘Be a lamp unto yourself,’ and Tasha Halpert’s newest book, Up to My Neck in Lemons guides in how to do so. Halpert shines insightful light on her own experiencing as she shares personal stories and evocative poems, illuminating a path for emotional healing and wellbeing.  With her gentle spirit shining through, Halpert shows how the suffering that life brings can be embraced awarely, with acceptance, gratitude, and understanding to transform the sour lemons of life into sweet nectar. And the bonus is that she includes wonderful lemon recipes, guaranteed to tantalize your palate along with practical uses for lemons to enhance everyday living. As you read and enjoy this wisdom-filled volume, new potentials for happiness and satisfaction open to you.“

–C. Alexander Simpkins, PhD and Annellen M. Simpkins, PhD, authors of The Tao of Bipolar and The Yoga and Mindfulness Therapy Workbook

“Recipes for living and loving that nourish both body and soul—delicious!”

–Gina Ogden, PhD, LMFT, award-winning Marriage and Family Therapist and author of The Return of Desire and others


“With Up to My Neck in Lemons, Tasha Halpert taps into the pulse of life at its core. Her poetry sings in small gems that leave you breathless; her essays vibrate as a context of raw truth; and if you try her scrumptious lemon recipes, her words will waggle you into a smile.”

–Thea Iberall
, author of The Sanctuary of Artemis: A Collection of Contextual Poems

“In this book, Tasha Halpert speaks from deep within her heart, offering Lemon Balm for life's ups and downs, inspiring us with teaching stories for saying ‘yes’ to what life serves up.”

–Michele McCarthy, MS, career counselor and author of Affordable Happiness, 88 Low Cost Ways to be Happy


For more than four decades, Tasha Halpert has been helping people to a more peaceful, joyous life.  A frequent contributor to numerous publications, she has written and lectured widely on ways to inner peace, self-healing, nutrition, herbal wisdom, meditation, and spirituality. She currently lives with her husband in Grafton, Massachusetts.

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