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The Old Codger and the Little Whirlwind Go Adventuring
by Tasha Halpert - Amazon 
Kindle edition , 64-Pages May 12th 2017  ASIN: B071F5M1CN



Size: 1106 Kb 64 pages. Kindle Edition
Price: $2.99


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A Gentle Tale of Magic and Adventure as the Old Codger and his friend the Little Whirlwind set out from the Universal Lending Library with a band of friends to rescue Griselda the Good woman of the woods.

For more than four decades, Tasha Halpert has been helping people to a more peaceful, joyous life.  A frequent contributor to numerous publications, she has written and lectured widely on ways to inner peace, self-healing, nutrition, herbal wisdom, meditation, and spirituality. She currently lives with her husband in Grafton, Massachusetts.

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